Elevate Your Rust Gameplay with Custom Skins and Prefixes!

Gamers of the 12 Guys Rust Server, get ready to transform your in-game experience! Our webshop brings you an exclusive collection of custom skins and unique prefixes, designed to showcase your style and status in the game.

Custom Skins: Personalize your Rust adventure with our wide range of custom skins. Whether you prefer stealthy, camouflaged designs or bold, eye-catching patterns, our skins let you express your individuality on the battlefield. These aren't just cosmetic changes; they're a statement about who you are in the game.

Unique Prefixes: Stand out from the crowd with our distinctive prefixes. These are not just labels, but symbols of your achievements and status on the 12 Guys Rust Server. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, a custom prefix announces your presence and prowess to the entire server.

Show Off in Style: Our skins and prefixes are more than just in-game items; they're a way to show off your skills, accomplishments, and unique personality. With these, you're not just another player – you're a known entity, a part of the server's identity.

Purchases are used to maintain the server with the latest paid plugins and keeps the server alive!

 All purchases are greatly appreciated!

Discord's Branding Guidelines Discord server: https://discord.12guys.se/ 

 Rust Logo (video game) | Vector logo, Video game, ? logo Rust server: Find by server browser [EU/SWE] 12Guys or in game menu press F1 then write client.connect